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Fairy Queen - Purcell

Bury Court Opera - 2014

Surrey, UK

Director: Julia Burbach

Music Director: Simon Over

Designer: Naomi Dawson

Lighting Designer: Richard Howell

Assistant Director: Andrea Bernard


Soprano: Helen-Jane Howells

Soprano: Eloise Irving

Contralto: Lilly Papaioannou

Countertenor: John Lattimore

Countertenor: Magid El-Bushra

Tenor: David Webb

Baritone: Richard Latham

Bass: Aidan Smith


Magid El-Bushra

Flore Philis

Grace Carter

Olivia Martin

Rhys Cook

Bartolomeu Paes


Actor:  Jon Shaw 

…The motivation and precision of her cast is exceptional...


…It is a clever concept, and Burbach’s blocking mesmerising … 

…filled with events, all relevant textually and emotionally… 


If everything about this production is brilliant, the cast come near it too.


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